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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am
This journal is 80% friends only.

If you're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally curious, read onCollapse )
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22 August 2019 @ 09:08 pm
This is a post to say I'm not dead. I'm not really "back" in the sense that I'm blogging but I'm actually a real me in 2019 and apparently my Arashi fandom has reemerged at a full on roar just like back in the old days.

If we're friends and we lost touch drop me a line, I'll try to answer! Or try me on Tumblr, I am pretty flaky at posting there too but not AS flaky, and it's the same URL.

Me at 32 doesn't have the energy for the kind of capspams I did back in the glory days but I still have the instinct for it so have a screenshot.

screenshot ahoy and so forthCollapse )

things that happened since last time i was here: grammar is optional sometimes not using punctuation conveys my exhausted state of perpetual motion more effectively let's just do this forever ok
21 September 2012 @ 01:21 am
So I need to earn lots and lots of money STAT because I have never wanted an Arashi album as badly as I want Popcorn. I don't even know why. But I probably won't be able to afford it for months.
09 September 2012 @ 08:28 pm
I am staying far, far away from the controversy posts about Koki's PV costume (aka the unsettlingly accurate Nazi SS uniform).

But to the commenters in the Arama post saying "when will you all get over it already", three words:

fuck. you. all.

The minute we "get over" the Holocaust is the minute another one happens.

Aaaaaand hesitantly making this post public. I refuse to get involved in the comment wank on the arama post, but I don't have anything to keep to myself on the issue.
30 August 2012 @ 09:02 pm
So, um,

I've been preoccupied with tumblr (and LIFE BEING REALLY BUSY) lately and didn't make a Jun post.


I've been reblogging much more Arashi than usual in honor of it! So. I hope to continue the trend.

Does that count?
11 August 2012 @ 10:47 pm
WARNING: I use the term "Awesome" far too frequently in this post. Perhaps I shall edit it to contain a wider variety of superlatives in the morning, but I'm too tired right now. ETA: I've toned it down a little but I'm leaving the warning in because I still use it too much.

Hi there people, there is something I want to talk to you about:

It's those people who you want to gush about all the time, because they're flatly awesome. But you're not attracted to them in a sexual way. And of course if you say something to that effect, it's like asking for insta-tease, because your friends immediately decide that obviously you're just in denial. Or you're protesting too much. But it's true, you're not physically attracted to this person.

It's difficult to reconcile this kind of fandom with reality, since we're wired to assume that wanting to be around/talk about someone or just really think they're an extra level of awesome is almost always linked to wanting to perform babymaking activities with them. But the thing is, sometimes that element isn't there.

Haven't you ever had a talent crush? Or a girlcrush? Or if by some crazy twist of fate there's actually a heterosexual male out there reading this blog, haven't you ever had a mancrush? I come to this experience with a slightly different perspective, being bisexual myself. For me a crush was just a crush, arbitrary details like gender were irrelevant. So I really didn't have a word for "person who I kind of worship and think about a ton but don't want to conduct sexytimes with". And I decided that the term "platonic crush" needed to be more popular, like NOW.

Here's the thing: I am not shy about declaring my attraction to people. I do it all the time. Around 90% of this journal is me announcing my enormous feels about some celebrity or another, even when my taste in crush-dom is called into question because really, them?? So when I say that I have a strictly platonic crush on someone? Believe me. I wouldn't deny it if it stopped being platonic. I have absolutely zero shame in the matter.


Great, now that we've cleared that up, I want to gush about some of my platonic crushes becuase they're some of the cooler people in the universe. I'll probably make more platonic-crush posts periodically, because I have way too many of them.

Decided to make this a proper cut because there's a LOT under here, and sometimes LJ HTML is weird with spoiler cuts and shows them on your f-list anyway.Collapse )

Keep in mind, sometimes my platonic crushes have been known to morph into the regular kind of crush without warning. It doesn't always happen, but it can. So I reserve the right to change my mind about any of these people on a moment's notice.

I think that's it for my platonic crushes for now. Who are yours?
05 August 2012 @ 09:00 pm
Well, Arashi made me do it. Same difference.

You didn't think there was any chance that I'd not do this, did you?

[If you haven't guessed what it is by now I am disappointed in you]

(P.S. Feel free to use them with credit!)
(P.P.S. I also put these on my tumblr feed so sorry to those of you who got it twice!)
05 August 2012 @ 02:33 am
The squealing sounds I made were not human. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH ARASHI YOU GUYS.

Go. Watch. Them. Now. (if anyone has a youtube link that is not taken from a group that requested no reposts I will gladly add it to this entry ^_^)

Ok fiiiiiine since you twisted my arm here are a few screencaps:

[Clicky clicky! You know you want to!]Juntoshi:


Aimiya: (ok I ended up with four. Deal with it.)

Ohmiya: (this ended up as three. I don't even know why)

And last but not least- Sakumoto:

28 June 2012 @ 10:26 pm
You see, my sister had fish fingers and custard for dinner!

(With han624 but she counts as a sister. So there.)
27 June 2012 @ 10:13 pm
[Tiiiiiiny Avengers spoiler. Nothing important]So can we please take a second to admire how completely fucking adorable Chris Evans is right here?

You're falling in love right now, aren't you? Unless you were already in love. Then you're just MORE in love now.

I mean really, there's no way this is not putting you right back to tweenyhood and hormonal helpless crushes. If you aren't enthralled, then you either don't swing towards menfolk or you don't have a soul.

dslkjfoijfga;oeirjfaegaerf the second picture is even better because it is sweet and shy and adorable and everything that made him special when he was still just Steve Rogers, before the super serum. It's good to see that he's still "in there" despite the shit he's gone through.

Is it just me or is LJ scrapbook being a serious butt lately? I couldn't get to the upload page. I had to use Flickr for these, and that account is generally reserved for my nail art :/