Harpist Rampant

They paved paradise, put in a parking lot

12 July
Oh look, you're on my profile! That means I probably stalked you, and you're stalking me back. Yay for creepy stalkers! *high fives* *gets left hanging* *walks away slouched in defeat*

I'm grammatically correct, but don't let that fool you. I am lame and frequently flaily. If you can only see my public posts then you already know I abuse capslock and I tend to repeat myself in the face of hotness.

BIG FAT UGLY WARNING: I have a Japanese boyband obsession. No, I do not take them seriously in other news I am a liar. No, I do not take myself seriously either. Yes, I talk about things other than them, but almost never in public posts. IF YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH THE INFORMATION PRESENTED IN THIS PARAGRAPH, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Well, you have a problem. I'll just throw my best "deal with it" gif at you and laugh.

Besides, they're really pretty and really dorky and mostly not stupid (except when it's fun), and that's what good entertainment is all about, amirite?

I'm a musician. Rabidly so. Not very good on the performance end, very good on the theoretical end. Can't compose for beans, can rewrite/adapt/cover/re-imagine like nobody's business. One day I will be an actual grownup and then I will teach music. If I am an old lady and I still haven't been a music teacher, then I still won't be a grownup..

And um erm when you mash together my massive fandom and my massive music obsession, you get me being the mod of g_clef_no_arash and that wasn't a shameless pimp at all.

Most of my posts are inane and boring, if you are somehow magically a mutual friend of mine and yet reading my profile (why are you reading my profile if we're already friends?)

This and other boring pieces of information is readily available in my sticky post. Also accompanied by a macro of some dude glaring at you.